Not Come And Find Me

from by Eat Your Robot

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Say here I am,
not come and find me
Say here I am...

Why would you be looking for me?
Why would I be looking for you?
You can pray, if it makes you feel better;
I hear that's a popular substitute for action.
You're gonna miss everything cool and die angry.

Sometimes I wish that the world would let all its devils out,
not the ones that bait you every day on TV.
Ones that you can't keep at bay with charity singsong.
Ones that say 'well all you sang was come on and find me.
So here I am.
Not come and find me; say here I am...

It's only when your friends
begin shitting where they eat
that you decide that you want in.
Check me out I'm taking my taxes back.

Sometimes I wish that the brain would make a transmission to,
all the people that you just couldn't tell to their face.
So you can no longer keep them bubbling under
Maybe you'll just free up a little extra space.

Say here I am,
not come and find me
Say here I am...

Come and find me, come and find me
I won't give you a thing to navigate by;
Put all of my energy into hiding.
You know why I do this.
'Cos I'm a moron,
'cos I'm an idiot,
'cos I'm an ibecile, and I should know better.


from That Winning Smile Of Dinner, released February 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Eat Your Robot London, UK

A sinister immersion composition supergroup featuring:

Mike Woodman (Thumpermonkey),
John Mackenzie (Godzilla Black / The Legion Of Doom),
Mike Hutchinson (Ex-Thumpermonkey / Olid / Todger).

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